About Us

Garage Amino is the World’s #1 Mobile Car Community! An app on the the Amino platform dedicated to car enthusiast!

The community began as Cars Amino by our founder and creator, Gavan. The name was soon changed to Garage Amino to include a wider range of enthusiast including go-carts and those who really love to work on their cars.

Garage Amino is filled with over 100,000 members who love cars. We share how-to’s on how to fix things on many different makes and models, share problems and solutions, and post photos of our cars and builds!

This is a great community for all things automotive.  We hope you will join us!

Meet the Leadership Team

Gavan Beggan, Justin Glenn, Jared Dougherty


GAVAN BEGGAN | Founder/Director of Operations


JUSTIN GLENN | Director of Marketing


JARED DOUGHERTY | Director of Business Development